Die All-in-One Cloud Lösung für KMU

die alles hat, was Sie brauchen, und weniger kostet als Office 365

Eine einzigartige Lösung mit der Cloud, die Dein KMU braucht.

Cloud Drive
1 TeraByte

Cloud Business Pro is your corporate cloud drive, i.e. a file archive shared between all computers and devices in your organisation, accessible either on the local office network or remotely.

  • 1 Terabyte of Space
  • Unlimited connected devices
  • GDPR compliant

Backup deiner PC
in Lokal + Cloud

Cloud Business Pro creates a backup, both in the cloud and on your local network, of all important folders and files on every PC in your company. Select the folders on each PC and the system backs them up automatically and in real time.

  • Real time Backup in Cloud
  • Real time Backup in your company LAN
  • Zero the probability of Data Loss

Disaster Recovery
Letzte 7 Tage

Cloud Business Pro takes a snapshot of your entire cloud every 6 hours and stores it for a week. No worries if some data in your company is accidentally deleted or inadvertently lost. Simply submit a request to our Support and we'll restore the status of your entire cloud up to the previous 7 days.

  • Request restoration to the Support
  • Wait for resynchronisation
  • File Restoration complete

Offline arbeiten

Cloud Business Pro works even if you are offline. Just set up on your device local synchronisation of the files you are interested in and you will always have a copy of the latest version available. And when the connection comes back, the system will automatically realign the changes.

  • Work Offline on local files
  • Automatic Sync upon reconnection
  • File Change Conflict Management

Online zusammenarbeiten

Cloud Business Pro allows multiple users to work simultaneously on your Office files in the cloud. You can also publicly share files and folders via dedicated url links and make them available for download.

  • Simultaneous Users on Office Files
  • File Sharing via links
  • Files and folders public Download

Zugang überall von
PC, Mobil, Web

Cloud Business Pro allows you to access your files in the cloud anywhere and from any platform. Set up your team's devices and start working Smart!

  • PC Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mobile Android and iPhone
  • Web with customised url

Mail, Agenda, Notizen

Cloud Business Pro offers a wide range of applications for organising your business team's work in the cloud. Contact us for more information on available tools and interoperability.

  • Users Management
  • Cloud IMAP Webmail
  • Shared Calendar and Notes

und 24/7-Support

Cloud Business Pro is installed on PCs and mobile devices in your company network via remote assistance from our staff. The helpdesk operates 24/7 across Europe in English and Italian.

  • Remote Installation
  • 24/7 Support throughout Europe
  • Helpdesk in Italian and English

Es gibt keinen Vergleich

Compare Cloud Business Pro and OneDrive in the features your SME really needs.

Devices that can be simultaneously connected to the 1TB Cloud Drive Unbegrenzt 5
Real-Time Automatic Backup of all corporate PCs both locally and in the Cloud
Disaster Recovery with possibility of restoring the state of the Cloud up to the previous 7 days
Business Continuity to work offline and synchronise updated files upon reconnection
Simultaneous editing in the cloud by multiple users on Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, etc.)
Access to data in the cloud from PC, Mobile App and Web browser
Remote assistance in system installation and configuration and 24/7 Helpdesk with human operator

How much you can save

compared to OneDrive from Microsoft 365 Apps for business

Jährliche Kosten (ohne MwSt.)
5 Benutzer 529,00€ bis zu -35%
10 Benutzer 1.056,00€ bis zu -65%
15 Benutzer 1.584,00€ bis zu -70%
25 Benutzer 2.640,00€ bis zu -75%
50 Benutzer 5.280,00€ bis zu -80%

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